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I’ve had the opportunity to work as a writer and editor on various content, including industry news, blogs, profiles, B2B feature articles, scientific articles, and book-length material. I’ve written or edited on topics such as education, healthcare, architecture, interior design, and robotics.


When we decided to submit our research paper to the Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, we were looking for a professional who could proofread our work for its English content related to the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. John Oberlin provided us quite a professional service where he not only highlighted the grammar related errors in the article, but he also helped us improve the flow of the sentences. His detailed and meticulous feedback greatly helped us improve the quality of our work as we finally got our paper published in the said journal.

- Dr. Shahabuddin Muhammad


Blog posts: Short, often more casual, copy written to keep audiences returning to your site weekly.

Web content: Copy that is displayed on your organization’s web site. May include member profiles, testimonials, and product/service descriptions.

Newsletter: Email, PDF and/or hard copy of weekly organizational and industry news snippets, with links getting your audience to your web site.

Press release: Informative, positive, 500-700-word article with interviews on your organization’s latest and greatest achievements. Send out to newspapers, magazines, and web sites in your field.

Feature article: 1,000-word-plus, in-depth piece that includes research and multiple interviews with subject matter experts. Target for magazines and web sites in your field.

White paper: Multi-page report that presents a problem and explains how your organization solves it. Includes research and multiple interviews with subject matter experts.

Copy editing and proofing: Editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Rewording and reflowing. Developing the composition structure and logic.


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